We proudly use the Celluma LED Pro. 
Proven stand alone treatment, or add it to your management program.
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Pimples & Acne Treatment
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Blue and red LED light therapy combines anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory actions in a safe, effective treatment for acne.

Allow 30min per session - $50
10 x LED Pre-purchased Pack - $450

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Facial Rejuvenation
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Activate and enhance your body’s repair mechanisms and combat the signs of aging.
Celluma LED uses red and near infrared wavelengths clinically verified to generate collagen and elastin.

Allow 30min per session - $50

10 x LED Pre-purchased Pack - $450

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Pain & Inflammation
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Near-infrared wavelengths penetrate deep into the muscle and joint tissue to alleviate pain, increase circulation and decrease inflammation.

Allow 30min per session - $50
10 x LED Pre-purchased Pack - $450

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1 x 30min session, 20 hours later
Celluma LED Pro only, no other modalities used.

2 sessions a week, for 5 weeks
Celluma LED Pro only,
no other modalities used.

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2 sessions a week, for 4 weeks
Celluma LED Pro only, no other modalities used.


Right LED mode for you
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Usually you will be siting or laying on our comfortable treatment tables. Most clients don’t need to remove clothing for a treatment, as our needle technique mainly focuses on the lower arms, legs, hands and feet – even if your pain or problem is a completely different area of the body. Curious? More about ‘meridians’.


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Acupuncture pins are applied in areas specifically designed for your individual condition. You will be asked how you are feeling after needles are inserted, as you may experience different sensations throughout your body. If you have a specific pain, for example, you may find the pain easing or disappearing altogether. We may also incorporate a variety of other techniques to ensure you are getting the best possible treatment, such as a short massage in a particular problem area or cupping.


The number of needles depends on the condition. Once the treatment is established, you are encouraged to relax and the treatment to have a greater affect. The needles are often left in for approximately 20-30 minutes.

Treatment Plan >>

An effective treatment plan ensures the cause of your condition is addressed - critical to prevent symptoms from continuing. Herbs may also be recommended as part of your plan. We will discuss your best options and respect your right to decide on further action.

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