Chloe Halter Nutrition

Functional Nutritionist
BHSc (NutDMed), 
BEd (Secondary) 

I strongly believe that food and nutrition is the base of health. All biochemical reactions within our bodies are dependant on nutrients, and by correcting any deficiencies or imbalances, the body naturally thrives and we feel our true best.

My passion is working with patients, to understand their current state of health, individual needs and goals to help them achieve optimal health. My treatment usually involves dietary and lifestyle modifications as well as supplements if required. Functional testing can be ordered to gain a deeper insight into symptoms if required. I love working with children and families to help them thrive in any given situation, supporting growing bodies as well as parents who may be juggling work, life and family commitments.

Grow is thrilled to have Chloe Halter Nutrition join our Grange community.
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Personal Interests 

Pre-natal preparation
Family Health
Hormonal Balancing

Autoimmune Lifestyle Management

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