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The Three Treasures of Chinese Medicine

The classical theory of the Three Treasures of Traditional Chinese Medicine - Jing, Qi & Shen.

Chinese medical theory recognizes three ‘jewels’ essential to sustain life.

Jing Translated to ‘Essence’. Our inherited genes, the initial ability to thrive and develop. Our Jing is further refined from our environment, nourishment and lifestyle. Qi ‘Energy” or ‘Life Force’.  Qi is the source of all movement, it warms the body, defends against pathogens, transforms our diet into useful substances, and controls our physical form, holding structure in place. Shen This is our ‘Spirit ‘or ‘Mind’. Consciousness, cognition, our emotions and presence.

Candle Analogy Jing is the wax and wick, the quality of which determines the life of the candle. Qi is the flame, it is the source of light and when used efficiently, burning evenly, Jing is preserved to last longer. Shen is the illumination from the candle. It creates light in darkness, and is the radiance of the spirit. When Jing and Qi are abundant, Shen is released.

Be well. Mind, body and spirit.

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