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Freshen up this Spring!

This week we welcome Spring, and the cycle of new life it brings! You may have had reflections over the stillness of winter of things you may desire to change, try, create or grow? It is the season to step into the sun, move into action and plant those seeds now to shape the future!

Within Traditional Chinese Medicine, Spring is related to the element of Wood, which has been fed by Winters element, Water. Woods' associated organs are the Liver and Gall Bladder. There is upward and outward energy (replicating the growth of a tree) which in excess can cause irritation and frustration, with the manifestation of headaches, dizziness, hay-fever and high blood pressure. Congested energy is seen in digestive complaints and the feeling of being stuck or depression, which can further lead to frustrations!

When in balance however, energy flows smoothly, easing these systems. The Liver sees the direction and plan for our future, and the Gall Bladder provides the ability to wisely make decisions assisting us to move forward. It is indeed the season of growth, mirror the actions of a plant, reach up beyond the known, and embrace life!

Spring Clean

Your cupboards: Cleanse your pantry from stale and out of date foods to introduce fresh, new favors to your kitchen.

Your body: Now is ideal to detox any leftovers in your system from the cold winter, and visit your health care professional to address and remove old, under lying conditions, so your new growth can flourish! Did you know it is 16 weeks until Christmas? It is the perfect time to establish and work towards your fitness goals before Summer is here!

Your mind: Spring clean your mental space. Seek to release tensions and stress, and set your intention / plan for what you want your life and health to look and feel like. Water your visions daily.


Think green! Think growing! Spouts from seeds and leafy vegetables benefit the Liver and your overall wellbeing.

Vegetables that are warming and grow upwards, again reflecting the nature of a tree, like cabbage, sweet potato, carrot, beetroot, spring onions and peas are great choices, as are herbs rosemary, oregano and dill.

Reduce consumption of roasted and slow cooked meals in favor of stir fries, preserving the crisp nature of your foods.

Image: Gardens of Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum, New Delhi, 2014

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