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Warm your heart, boost your circulation

The jackets and scarfs are out. As the 2015 Winter Antarctic Vortex is sweeping through with snow and sub zero temperatures in the southern states, and here in Queensland, well, we are feeling it too!

A healthy cardiovascular system can help you turn up the heat internally.  In cooler temperatures, your heart rate will increase and work harder to maintain your body’s core temperature. Having a clear pathway within your vessels will allow blood to flow smoothly through your body, warming and nourishing you right to the tips of your fingers and toes.


Ginger is a heart warmer! Add depth and favor to your soups, porridge, vegetables, seasonings and teas while assisting your circulation and keep your digestion from slowing.

Essential Oils

Ginger, eucalyptus, black pepper and juniper (avoid juniper if pregnant) are warming essential oils, they stimulate circulation and boost the immune system. Relieve aches and pains and remove the winter chill by adding a few drops into a base oil (almond, black sesame, apricot kernel) and massage into the skin after a warm shower.

Going to the Footy?

Avoid drinking alcohol before going outside (and not to excess at the game!) – you’ll have the initial feeling of warmth as your blood vessels expand, however heat is then drawn away from your body’s organs. Dress appropriately for the conditions, pack that extra jacket and scarf and avoid the wind.

Remove the habit

If you are a smoker – now is the perfect time to address the habit. Obviously going outside into the cold does not help, but as smoking is a major cause of cardio vascular disease, you will be more prone to cold extremities. Former smokers quickly feel the benefit of improved blood flow as blood vessels repair and work more efficiently. One of the many benefits a smoke free lifestyle!

See our Winter Blogs for reminders on boosting your immunity and raising your spirit and mood through simple nutrition, exercise, habits and traditional treatments this season.

Image: Home stretch to Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal 2014.  

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